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out 13 2012

Por uma antropologia maianista (e indigenista) ao lado dos povos maias e mesoamericanos

Este post marca o início de uma empreitada de preocupação antropológica e indigenista mais efetiva neste espaço virtual, sempre em busca de desfazer nós que prendem o entendimento. Um salve pra todos os amigos nesse dia 13 B’atz (13-Macaco) do calendário ritual maia, equivalente a 13/10/2012 e que representa o fio de ideias que há de [...]

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set 05 2010

Pretty nice multimedia resource for educators – Maya Stela online exhibit

The Collection Icons multimedia presentation provided by de Young Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (California) is designed to prepare students for looking carefully at art and uncovering the cultural traditions represented by three key works from the de Young’s collection. The Maya Stela is for us the most interesting of the three for obvious [...]

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set 04 2010

Humor: 2012/The End of the World Collection (English)

Before laughing: 1 – The 5 first images are all (the 5th is just inspired) about the AZTEC “Sun Stone”, not the “Maya Calendar” as people claim. 2 – 2012 is NOT the end of the Maya Calendar. 3 – There is no Maya text talking about the end of the world in 2012 (in [...]

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jul 19 2010

Maya King’s Tomb Discovered in Guatemala

Sources: 1 and 2 A team of archaeologists led by Stephen Houston has discovered a royal tomb in Guatemala, filled with materials that have been preserved for approximately 1,600 years. PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — A well-preserved tomb of an ancient Mayan king has been discovered in Guatemala by a team of archaeologists led by [...]

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